Symphonic Middle East · 2021

17-22 June 2021 • Dubai, UAE


2 pm
Dubai Opera


soprano (Russia)
piano (Russia)
8 pm
Dubai Opera

Armenian State Symphony Orchestra




tenor • honorary guest (Malta)
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About Festival

This coming June the first edition of the “Symphonic Middle East” festival shall be landing in Dubai, organised by the SAMIT Event Group and European Foundation for Support of Culture in collaboration with Dubai Opera.

This project marks the beginning of a new endeavour by the EUFSC, as it sets out to spread the celebration of classical music beyond its traditional borders, and introduce classical music to all corners of the world.

The talent on display in Dubai shall be world-class, with concerts featuring first prize winners of the illustrious Queen Elisabeth Competition, alongside a raft of award-winning musicians. The artists shall also be accompanied by the prestigious Armenian State Symphony Orchestra, led by world-renowned conductor Sergey Smbatyan.

Welcome to Symphonic Middle East · 2021

CEO & Founder
of SAMIT Event Group

Dear guests,

We cannot resist the charm and the magnetic power of classical music. It has always had an immense impact on our mind and soul, fascinated and haunted us, bringing us joy and uniting though an immutable bond.

Considering all the hardships that every person has been going through during the past year, we find it indispensable to alleviate the burden and light a fire in our hearts by bringing to life the very first in the history of Dubai, classical music festival “Symphonic Middle East”.

We are delighted to announce that each concert will celebrate the exquisite talent of the winners of the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition – the worldwide known, sought-after soloists - accompanied by the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the prominent conductor Sergey Smbatyan. The masterpieces of the best-known European composers will be performed at such prestigious venues as Dubai Opera and The Theatre at Mall of the Emirates.

We hope that the breathtaking musical works performed with the impeccable technique of our soloists will be a truly unforgettable experience for our audience.

Enjoy the power of classical music with us!

Head of
Dubai Opera

Dear visitors,

We are delighted to host the inaugural edition of the “Symphonic Middle East” festival at Dubai Opera.

We have always aspired to present the highest quality productions from across the globe. This exceptional festival will be a unique opportunity for audiences to experience some of the world’s premier orchestras, leading soloists and memorable repertoires.

We’re proud to be associated with the world-class performances featured in the festival. We are always ready to embrace our role as the creative heart of Dubai by supporting such prestigious initiatives.

Orchestral music is embedded into today’s culture, from the soundtracks of films to the ringtones on our mobile devices, but it is far more than merely auditory. Experiencing a live orchestra is a visceral experience, you can not only feel the sound but see the performance, from the passion of the conductor to the concentration of the musicians performing in perfect synchronization. If someone has never attended a live orchestral performance, this is the ideal opportunity to introduce them.

We hope you will enjoy the wonderful performances featured in “Symphonic Middle East”, and we look forward to welcoming you to Dubai Opera.

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