Symphonic Middle East · 2021

Konstantin Ishkhanov

Founder & Board Chairman of Symphonic Middle East.

Konstantin Ishkhanov was born on the 23rd of January 1970. Although not musicians by trade, Ishkhanov’s parents were highly active in the arts and culture scene, his mother an avid piano player who would often perform classical music at home for the family or visiting friends. Growing up in this environment would go on to have a lasting influence on the young Ishkhanov, and be a crucial factor in his later decision to found the EUFSC. 

Ishkhanov completed his university education in Moscow, concluding with a postgraduate degree focused on research of innovative new technologies. In 2005, Ishkhanov reduced his business activities and began to focus his efforts into cultural projects, relocating his family to the Mediterranean island of Malta and laying the groundwork for what would eventually become the European Foundation for Support of Culture.

Through both his individual work and the activities of the EUFSC, Ishkhanov has now established himself as a leading cultural entrepreneur, supporting both local and international musicians and working to strengthen ties between Malta and other cultural centres around the world. 

In 2019, Konstantin Ishkhanov became the first foreign citizen to be awarded the country’s highest cultural award for ‘Exceptional Contribution to the Cultural Life of Malta’. The same year, he was presented a medal for ‘Contribution to the Development of Musical Culture’ by the Russian Performing Arts Public Fund in a ceremony held in the Great Hall of Moscow State Conservatory.

Konstantin Ishkhanov continues to reside in Malta with his wife and children and remains actively involved in the country’s vibrant cultural community.

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